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Every year Yoga Outreach delivers over 1000 trauma-informed yoga classes to social service agencies and facility partners across British Columbia. All classes are led by an incredible team of qualified, volunteer yoga teachers with training in trauma-informed principles via our Yoga Outreach Core Training™.

Weekly yoga classes give people space to reconnect with themselves, and feel safe in their bodies (a key element in trauma recovery). By participating in group classes within their familiar facilities, students gradually feel more comfortable being in relationship with others too.

Trauma-informed yoga provides participants with:

  • choice,
  • community connection, and
  • tools for self-regulation.

Volunteer Yoga Teachers

Our volunteers are qualified yoga instructors, with an additional 18 hours of trauma-informed yoga training. The Yoga Outreach Core Training™ gives teachers a foundation in current trauma theory and best practices for building a strengths-based yoga class. Yoga Outreach provides ongoing training, mentorship, and community building opportunities to yoga teachers and community support professionals.

What Is Trauma-Informed Yoga?

After experiencing trauma or abuse, many people report feeling disconnected from their bodies. Some people even numb the connection intentionally, as a survival strategy.

A trauma-informed yoga class is a safe, welcoming environment where people can begin to reconnect with their bodies. A trauma-informed teacher creates this healing space by offering choices, guaranteeing no hands-on assists, and providing opportunities to get curious about sensation. Typically, achieving alignment in traditional yoga forms is a lower priority than relationship-building in a trauma-informed yoga class.

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