Embracing Gender Diversity through Intentional Language with Elliot Wheatcroft & Kendra Farley

This engaging workshop uses an intersectional approach to address how we can translate policies of inclusion into meaningful everyday practice. Elliot and Kendra refer to the concept of ‘ally’ as as action word (a concept of ‘allyship’ that, as Dr. Vikki Reynolds describes, is fluid and imperfect). Through scenarios, role-plays, and thoughtfully directed dialogue, we help prepare you to be more “comfortable with being uncomfortable” and to embrace this “discomfort” as a skill to enact when creating intentionally inclusive spaces.
Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 | 2pm – 4pm | Fernwood Yoga Den, 1310 Gladstone Ave, Victoria
Sliding scale $50 – $25 | YO Volunteers 50% off & YO Volunteer Alum 25% off

There are a limited amount of slots for classes offered at the middle and lower end of the scale. Please be mindful that if you purchase a price at the lowest end of the scale when you can truthfully afford the higher ticket prices, you are limiting access to those who truly need the gift of financial flexibility. Being honest with yourself and your financial situation when engaging with sliding scale practices grows strong and sustainable communities. *Adapted from wortsandcunning.com/blog/sliding-scale

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event.

About Elliott

Elliot has extensive experience in inclusive early childhood education, with over 10 years of working in the field in a variety of roles and settings. He has also spent over 12 years supporting trans and gender diverse children youth and families in various roles, including as a youth group facilitator and as a child, youth and family community support health liaison. He currently cares for his three young children on the traditional lands of the Tsawout First Nation on Salt Spring Island while studying Child and Youth Care at UVIC.

About Kendra

Kendra is passionate about social justice, ethical practice, and service equity for LGBTQ2A+ children and youth. For the past 15 years she has worked progressively within early-years tables, CCRRs, early-literacy coalitions, program evaluations, and dynamic early-years consulting. Kendra has a deep commitment to evolving early childhood care and education into a more inclusive and responsive field. She brings with her a collection of formal education and professional experience, including study in reproductive justice, Indigenous perspectives, and trauma-informed practice. This, paired with her identity as a queer cis women and settler/colonizer, positions Kendra as participant in the active struggle for anti-oppression.