Grief and Grieving 101: Understanding, Examining, and Discussing the Impacts of Grief with Alica Forneret

Grief and Grieving 101 is a workshop designed to examine what grief looks, feels, and sounds like — from a new perspective. 
We’re all used to thinking about “grief” as a period of deep sadness and processing through “the 5 stages”. But what happens when our grieving friend returns to work or school? Are they “okay” when we’re not crying? Do we need to “get over” a dead loved one? And what exactly is “grief” anyway? The purpose of this workshop is to answer and discuss a few of these questions, opening our eyes to new ways of thinking about grieving, so that we can be better equipped to help our grieving friends, family, students, and colleagues. Guests can expect to take part in journaling, group discussions, active listening, and two short movement practices.
Note: Resources curated to help you check in about your own grief will be sent before and after the workshop, ensuring that you are self-aware and safe when entering into the space with us.
Monday, December 2nd, 2019 | 5pm – 9pm | 1659 Venables St (accessible)
Sliding scale $100 – $60 | YO Volunteers 50% off & YO Volunteer Alum 25% off

Yoga Outreach is piloting a sliding scale for fees for this workshop.

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About Alica

Alica Forneret is a writer and facilitator creating spaces for people to explore grief. Her work focuses on how we can support each other through grief at work, as well as in our personal relationships. And she is fiercely committed to making sure that we have more conversations about grief, death, and dying. Alica is a member of the BC Women’s Hospital and Health Foundation Young Women’s Council, the lululemon Luminaries program, and hosts Dead Moms Club events in Canada and the US.

Alica’s written work has been featured on the pages of popular magazines and books, including (but not limited to) Modern Loss, Grief Dialogues, Vancouver Magazine, Loam, and Kinfolk. And her story and voice have been featured on CTV News, Grief Out Loud, InStyle, and more. You can find her writing her newsletter from coffee shops in Vancouver, running workshops with Reimagine in NYC, and hosting Death Over Dinner events across the United States and Canada.