Our Vision for Yoga Outreach Out Loud: Curated Conversations

We love hearing about yoga transforming lives, but we’re also curious about what happens next.
How have people extended the principles of yoga in unique ways to make active, community-changing choices?
Four times a year, Yoga Outreach will invite a carer, teacher, or activist from our community to share how yoga shows up in their life and work in conversation with a YO host. Audience members will have a chance to ask questions, share stories, and meet other people interested in the same topic. 
Yoga Outreach believes the diversity of experiences, ideas, individuals, and organizations in our community makes us stronger. To create a more just and engaged world, we must
  • embrace and celebrate diversity,
  • practice inclusion, and
  • exercise leadership as a champion of equity.

We recognize that we cannot do this work alone. Instead, we commit to uplifting the voices and work of people already devoted to sharing their lived experience of intersecting systems of oppression. By championing these voices, we support others to resist oppressive patterns in their own practice and lives.

With this as our guiding principle we are working to cultivate conversations that are diverse both in topics and in presenters’ lived experiences.

Upcoming Conversations

Postponed due to Covid – 19 check back in September

Do you have a story you’d like to share? We are accepting applications from folks with diverse lived experiences to apply to be part of this speakers series. Please complete the application form below.

YO Speaker Application

Application to speak at a YO event.
    In general you will receive 1 email from us /month.
  • What's your story and why would you like to share it.
  • If yes, please tell us about it. If no, please tell us why you'd like to start with us.
  • If you have a website please share it with us.