The Trauma of Money Method is a compassionate approach that aims to bring awareness, identify and facilitate healing in psychological trauma to create financial safety and well-being.

September 28 6pm – 9pm

Sliding scale $75 – $25 | YO Volunteers 50% off & YO Volunteer Alum 25% off

Yoga Outreach offers a sliding scale for fees for all workshops to support broader access.

There are a limited amount of slots for classes offered at the middle and lower end of the scale. Please be mindful that if you purchase a price at the lowest end of the scale when you can truthfully afford the higher ticket prices, you are limiting access to those who truly need the gift of financial flexibility. Being honest with yourself and your financial situation when engaging with sliding scale practices grows strong and sustainable communities. *Adapted from

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event less a 10% admin fee.

About Hiro

Hiro Demichelis a tall older white woman seated on a cushion hugging a tall cactus

Hiro (she/her) is a psychotherapist in private practice, a teacher and a student. Hiro is a passionate advocate for tools that help turn pain from unbearable to bearable so that we can connect with what is meaningful and have a fulfilling life. She offers individual sessions, workshops and retreats. She is also the founder of The Lab of Meditation, Canada’s first 200 hrs meditation teacher training.

About Chantal

As the co-founder of The Trauma of Money and founder of What The Finances, Chantel Chapman (she/her) is considered the money teacher you have been waiting for; renowned for her edgy, relatable and soulful mindful money guidance. Drawing influence from 14 years of experience as a mortgage broker, 10 years as a financial literacy consultant, and extensive research in addiction, behavioral science, trauma and mindfulness, her distinct disciplines make learning about money the antithesis of anything you experienced through traditional schooling. Chantel recognized the need to explore the ties between addiction, trauma and money to help people heal, grow, and strengthen their relationship with their bank accounts.