Who needs your help?

  • Women and children fleeing violence
  • Incarcerated youth
  • Women in prison
  • Those accessing mental health services
  • Those recovering from addictions

Our wonderful volunteers share yoga practices in Transition Houses for women and children throughout BC. Even since the pandemic, they’ve continued to teach via video link, and have even made trauma-informed yoga videos that can be viewed in the women’s private rooms. Volunteers are also teaching in prisons, addiction recovery centres, and mental health facilities

Your financial and energetic support covers the cost of administering programs in specialized social service facilities, recruiting and mentoring volunteers, and creating up-to-date training curriculum. Yoga Outreach students really appreciate having one or two hours a week to take a break from their daily challenges. 

For 24 years Yoga Outreach has been providing individuals with an opportunity to heal, reconnect with, and feel safe within their bodies, while also re-establishing a sense of community.

Only $21.

Registration for the 21-Day Challenge is just $21. That’s enough to allow one vulnerable person to attend a weekly class in a service facility where Yoga Outreach operates. Of course, we’d love it if you raised more, but every amount helps. 

In exchange, you’ll receive:

  • access to a series of special live classes with AMAZING yoga teachers (see below!)
  • regular emails to support your challenge, guided yoga practices on video
  • 10% off registration at any of our events (space permitting) until the end of 2020 – including Practice & Praxis, our 4 day conference!


If you’re on social media, post about your reason for supporting Yoga Outreach. You’ll be entered to win another draw to attend more YO events. We’ve also got some pretty sweet tees & socks to give away.

There are also prizes for

  • Most funds raised
  • Second most funds raised, and
  • Social media

More Ways to Participate

  • Ask your friends for support. The 21 Day Yoga Challenge is an important fundraiser for our work with marginalized communities. Explain to your circle why yoga can be life-changing, and ask for donations. You could also host a bake sale, garage sale, or head shave! Whatever you dream up – socially distanced off course. 

Live classes

Oct. 25th @ 10:30 – 11:45am

Yoga for Neurodivergent Folks

**Open to people who identify as or experience aspects of being neurodivergent.

In this class we will explore a gentle, body-based practice rooted in enquiry, breath and movement designed to support to the lived experience of neurodivergent people. The emphasis will be on creating a safe space that supports choice making and mindful awareness of the body, while maintaining ease and comfort. The tools of yoga used in this class can help develop self regulation, helping people who are autistic, ADD/HD and/or persons with mental and emotional challenge(s), develop the ability identify and manage stressors which can lead to energy depletion and crisis while also helping the effects of trauma.

Care will be made to make this a safe space for connection: building community through shared experiences, and building a sensory experience that supports connection with the body, all aspects are voluntary.

Oct. 28 @ 1 – 2:30pm

Connect to your feminine power for more harmony, freedom, and confidence

Join us to discover the power of your cyclical wisdom so you can enjoy more harmony, freedom, and expression in your life without the fear, confusion, or struggle. This workshop will show you the exact framework that’s helped the people I work with fall deeply in love with their feminine energy, build self-love and acceptance. Open to everyone.

Nov. 11 @ 9am – 10:30pm

Nourishing Resilience: Simple Self Care for Challenging Times

Let’s gather together to talk about the topic of real-life self-care for these challenging times of global change and uncertainty. In this class, we will explore simple practices of mindfulness and embodiment in order to ground our awareness in the present moment. We will also create space to discuss the ways in which we can nourish resilience by weaving accessible and impactful self-care practices into our daily lives. Please bring a journal, a yoga mat, a cushion, and a blanket.

Nov. 8 @11am – 12:30pm

Personalize Your Practice

This Hatha class is all about inviting your practice to meet you where you are. So often in yoga, we find ourselves trying to fit into an ideal image of what the practice should be, or who we should be within it. When we let go of this and allow the practice to rise up and meet us exactly where we are, we invite ourselves to feel more open, playful and free.

Challenge Prizes

Whether you’re a team player, a solo practitioner, or a competitive go-getter, we’ve got a prize to tempt you.

Upcoming Events

Conference: Practice & Praxis – Keynote Speakers | October 17 | October 24 | October 31 | November 7