FNWYI Enrolment Form

On behalf of the First Nations Women’s Yoga Initiative, we would like to thank you for your application and we are excited to welcome you to join our first cohort! The first module begins February 19th, 2021 at 6:30pm. This 80-hour trauma-informed curriculum and training will support Kwakwaka’wakw womens’ toolkit of grounding and body-based practices to promote healing and wellness. Our goal is to prepare Kwakwa̱ka̱ʼwakw women to practice and offer culturally-rooted yoga programs in their communities. Please take some time to complete this enrolment form so we can prepare to best support your learning and well-being.
  • This is the person you would like us to contact in the event of an emergency to support your well-being.
  • Please provide the best number to reach them at in case of an emergency.
  • Please let us know who they are.
  • For example about your passions, work, involvement with community? Life experiences that contribute to who you are today that you may wish to share with our project team.
  • We are looking to support participants who may be experiencing barriers to accessing this program. Here are some potential supports from the FNWYI to overcome these barriers: 1. Childcare subsidy for parents/guardians (children 5 and under). 2. Connecting to community organizations for internet access or other subsidies for internet connectivity. 3. Support with technology. 4. Support with materials for a home yoga practice.
  • Overview of consent process for curriculum research
  • As part of our FNWYI vision of sharing this curriculum in the future and adapting (when appropriate) to meet the needs of other First Nations communities, we will be requesting your consent to record the cohort sessions to review and evaluate the curriculum. All cohort recordings will only be accessible to cohort participants and the FNWYI project team. Following the program, participants will be given the option to share feedback about the FNWYI curriculum via a post-cohort interview with a member of our team and/or by participating in the post-cohort sharing circle. This research component of the curriculum is led by Jessica Barudin, doctoral student at Concordia University in the Individualized Studies program and in collaboration with Delanie Dyck and Nicole Marcia of the Yoga Outreach Society. This research component has been approved by Concordia University Human Research Ethics Committee and is supported by the U’mista Cultural Society. The data from the curriculum evaluation may be used as pilot data for Jessica Barudin’s doctoral studies project, titled: (Re)Connecting through Women’s teachings, language and movement: Culturally-adapted Yoga for First Nations Womxn and Girls.