The Alchemy of Adversity


The Alchemy of Adversity with Emmy Chahal & Kacey Wilson


How do we transform our emotional pain into community healing?  Is there a way to channel our anger, sadness and shame into creative solutions and a collective sense of belonging?  What does it require of us to take our greatest challenges and use them as fuel for our greatest potential?
The Alchemy of Adversity will discuss personal and systemic adversity to discover what truly matters to us and how we might transform those values into skillful action.  We will unpack what helps break down barriers within and around us, and how spirituality and social justice can align harmoniously and inform one another.

Through engaging activities, spirited discussion, and creative methods – we will combine our skills to offer a day of self inquiry, community engagement, and the container for personal transformation.  On a backdrop of embodiment, systemic challenges, yoga, and storytelling we will journey into what gets our hearts aflame, how to find the balance between self-care and community care, and share our gifts to engage meaningfully with our surroundings.

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Start time 2021-03-27T10:00
End Time 2021-03-27T14:00
Location online
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