Yoga Outreach offers training youth. Our professional trainings are designed to give youth the skills to integrate mindfulness and yoga based techniques into daily life for stress reduction and self-care. No yoga experience necessary.

Yoga Tools for Youth™

This is a highly experiential workshop designed specifically for youth to explore a variety of breathing, mindfulness, and grounding practices and an exploratory, collaborative, and casual way. These simple yet powerful exercises offer a solid foundation for youth to incorporate these techniques into their lives. The Workshop is facilitated in a trauma- informed format, which presents each individual participant with choice, creating an environment of empowerment and safety. The Workshop incorporates the choice of gentle yoga/mindful movement, sound, vibration, and tactile stimulation to support each persons experience.

3 hour – $350


Niki LaceyNiki Lacey
She /Her
Niki is an authentic and creative professional with extensive experience working within “the system” as a Child and Youth Care Worker, Emergency Foster Care Provider, as well as Adult Mental Health Support Worker. She has dedicated her career to connecting, supporting and empowering others. Niki regularly integrates mindfulness, yoga, and calming sensory elements into her life. She facilitates Using Yoga in Your Work and Yoga Tools for Youth™ Workshops.
A morning gremlin and coffee connoisseur, she throughly enjoys oversized sweats and spends her evenings laughing at Bob’s Burgers episodes. In the cooler months, you’ll likely find her at an arena playing or coaching her favourite sport, Ringette. In Spring and Summer she’ll be barefoot in nature exploring all the amazing elements and eating as many fresh raspberries as she can find.
Niki Loves:
  • All the colours of the Rainbow
  • Smell of fresh cut grass
  • Kayaking, SUP, snowboarding
  • Arts & Crafts

The facilitator’s demeanor was very gentle and warm. Good vocal tone, pace, time and space given to explore activities.

Youth participant

It was simple and nothing was forced.

Youth participant

The tools – sandbags, tennis balls, singing bowl, tuning fork, ocean drum. Diversity of activity. Good amount of time. Good engagement.

Youth participant
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