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Who We Are

The team at Yoga Outreach consists of an amazing group of passionate people who deliver programs, lead the organization, and build connections with our growing community.

Our volunteer board of directors apply their legal, financial, business, and marketing expertise to overseeing the governance and future vision of Yoga Outreach, while our staff manage the daily operations of Yoga Outreach, deliver training programs in the community, recruit & mentor volunteers, and build meaningful relationships in the community to make yoga more accessible each day.


Delanie Dyck
Delanie DyckExecutive Director
About Delanie
Sarah Holmes Del Castro
Sarah Holmes Del CastroDirector of Programs
About Sarah
Nicole Marcia
Nicole MarciaDirector - DoJ Project
About Nicole
Ariel Pavic
Ariel PavicVolunteer Coordinator / Training Registrar
About Ariel
Wendy Goldsmith
Wendy GoldsmithMarketing & Communications Coordinator
About Wendy
Leslie Wilkin
Leslie WilkinYoga Outreach Core training™ Facilitator
About Leslie
Niki Lacey
Niki LaceyYoga Tools for Youth™ Facilitator
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Laura Track
Laura TrackChair
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Jenn Lam
Jenn LamMember at Large
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Shivam Kishore
Shivam KishoreMember at Large
About Shivam
Vandana Sood
Vandana SoodMember at Large
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Carrie Wertheim
Carrie WertheimTreasurer
About Carrie
Melanie Marchuk
Melanie MarchukMember at Large
About Melanie