The Yoga Outreach Certification™ Program: A 200 Hour Immersion

The Yoga Outreach Certification™ Program (YOCP-200) offers participants a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the practices and philosophies of yoga using a trauma-informed, student-centred approach. Taught through a social justice lens, students will explore how yoga supports equity, inclusion, and community care inside the classroom and out in the world. Built on the foundation of Yoga Outreach’s 20+ years of experience providing yoga in social service and community based settings, this immersion will be like no other.

Is this program for you?

This program may be a good fit for you, if you are interested in:

  • a deep dive into how yoga can be used as a tool for personal transformation and social change.
  • creating more inclusive yoga spaces.
  • exploring ways to honour the roots of yoga without appropriating.

Collective Transformation

This immersive program is rooted in the concept of Sva-dharma, derived from the Sanskrit root dhr, “sustain, support, uphold.”. We believe that each of us has the responsibility to use personal transformation in service of collective transformation. Sva-dharma is one way to use yoga for equity, fairness, inclusion, social justice, and freedom.

Online Info Sessions

Tuesday, December 17th | 6:30pm
Tuesday, Jan 21st | 6:30pm
Monday February 24th | 6:30pm

Sessions will be held live online via zoom and will be recorded if you are not able to attend live.

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Program Overview

Students in this course can expect a blend of theory and practice from a trauma-informed perspective. Participants can anticipate emerging from this course with a stronger personal practice, a more practical understanding of a strengths-based approach to teaching, a foundation in trauma-informed principles, and a more critical lens for the politics of access to yoga in the Western world.

Curriculum we will explore:

  • Asana & Pranayama

  • Trauma-informed yoga

  • Yoga for chronic pain & other specific populations

  • Decolonizing yoga

  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity in yoga

  • Yoga anatomy

  • Meditation & mantra

  • The Yoga Sutras, compassionate communications, and conflict resolution

  • Yoga Kriyas

  • An introduction to the theory & practices of Ayurveda

  • Practice teaching

  • Anatomy & physiology


This professional immersion reflects our vision that a collaborative way of working, teaching, and learning allows for a wider representation of perspectives and experiences. Thus, students will benefit from the experience of multiple teachers, each uniquely qualified to lead a portion of the program, including asana for different needs, yoga philosophy and culture from ancient to modern times, and holding space for people from specific marginalized communities.


With more than two decades’ experience in the field, Yoga Outreach is a recognized leader in training and mentoring yoga instructors in trauma-informed and service yoga. Our incredible faculty of facilitators has been working at the intersections of yoga and social justice for some time, ensuring the highest quality of instruction, authenticity, and professionalism. Graduates of this immersion will earn the professional designation YOCP-200 (Yoga Outreach Certification™ Program – 200 hours).

In developing the YOCP-200, we have decided it fits better with our values and approach not to comply with Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour registration requirements. Its new guidelines require 200-hour certified trainings to have a larger number of hours delivered by one main facilitator. We believe a community-based, collaborative model that allows for power to be shared with more, rather than less, voices is the most appropriate model for our immersion.

Certification Options

We recognize that folks may have different motivations for taking a program like this and as such have created two streams – one for students interested in teaching, and another for those not planning to share yoga in a class setting.

Stream 1

This stream includes a practicum placement in a social service setting where Yoga Outreach delivers programming. Upon successful completion of the practicum placement, students will be able to use the professional designation YOCP-200. Graduates will receive a certificate, a letter of completion detailing the professional standards the immersion entailed, as well as a detailed curriculum outline to provide potential employers.

Stream 2

If students choose not to complete a teaching practicum, they will receive a certificate of completion.


March 13th – June 28th, 2020

Location: 1659 Venables St (accessible), Vancouver BC
: Sliding scale $3200 – $1800

There are a limited amount of spaces offered at the middle and lower end of the scale. Please be mindful that if you purchase a price at the lowest end of the scale when you can truthfully afford the higher price, you are limiting access to those who truly need the gift of financial flexibility. Being honest with yourself and your financial situation when engaging with sliding scale practices grows strong and sustainable communities. *Adapted from

A 10% deposit is required to hold your place. This means 10% of whichever payment tier you choose.

Payment plans are available – 3 or 6 months.

Each cohort will include a minimum of two work-study scholarships with one of those being reserved for BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2SIA+ folks. We encourage those with a diversity of experience including but not limited to ability, mental illness, and/or neurodiversity to apply. Work-study scholarships will be reserved for those folks who do not have the financial resources to pay, but do have the time to volunteer in exchange.

Each cohort will include a minimum of two 100% scholarship spaces with one of those being reserved for BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2SIA+ folks. We encourage those with a diversity of experience including but not limited to ability, mental illness, and/or neurodiversity to apply. These spaces will be reserved for folks who have a deep interest in bringing this work to impacted communities.

Refund policy

Withdrawal up to 30 days prior to the training start date – full refund less a 15% admin fee. No refunds within 30 days of training start date.

What’s included:

  • Halfmoon yoga mat, a set of blocks, a strap, and a blanket

  • Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga by David Emerson

  • Skill in Action Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice to Create a Just World by Michelle Cassandra Johnson

  • 25% off all Knowledge Development Workshops

  • A practicum placement in a Yoga Outreach setting if desired

Admission requirements:

  • Minimum 18 years of age

  • Completed application form

  • Be able to converse, read, and write in English.

  • If you have health concerns or challenges have an adequate network in place to support you throughout this process. A 200 hour immersion can be an intense journey and while we will be doing our very best to support you along the way we need to recognize that we may not be able to fully support all folks particularly if they have complex needs. We want to be able to work with you to ensure that this is a safe experience for you and that means ensuring you have adequate support. If you are living with a health condition for which you may require support or accommodation please inform us.


March 2020 Calendar YOCP-200 dates
April 2020 Calendar YOCP-200 dates
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June 2020 Calendar YOCP-200 dates

Faculty Bios coming soon…

Nicole Marcia, Farah Nazarali, Ariel Pavic, Sarah Holmes de Castro, Channdika Thayver, James Fairbanks, Yogacharini Maitreyi, Leslie Wilkins, Jessie Nelson and Cheryl Maguire.

Registration opens December 17th, 2019


Complete application


Apply for scholarship (if necessary)


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Upcoming Info Sessions

Yoga Outreach will be hosting information sessions for prospective students in January and early February. Let us know if you’d like us to email you as soon as we have those dates available.

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